Our interventions involve the following:

  • Pre Construction
  • Initial construction management services usually before or during the design stage, for which we develop budget evaluations and cost models, and also assess project schedules to verify project handover dates.

  • Tender Stage
  • Appraisals and vetting of Contractors and Suppliers is undertaken, to verify their capability to undertake the works. Selection is based on a number of requirements such as track record, current undertakings, financial capabilities, competitiveness, management structure, safety record, and quality assurance etc.

  • Construction
  • Administration of contracts is implemented using an established set of controls. Communication lines, project procedures, roles and responsibilities and regular coordination meetings are established along with constant monitoring to ensure contract conformance.

    We deploy a permanent on-site presence of experienced professional engineers and construction managers so we can constantly monitor compliance to design intent, quality of the construction process and progress.

  • Post Construction
  • This includes preparation and submittal of all operation manuals and handover documents including testing and commissioning reports.

    Conducting extensive contractor claim reviews with special emphasis on verifying quantities, man hour logs and receipt details. Final negotiations and accounts settlement conclusion.