Managing your Budget

We’ll help you verify your scope, assess your project and administer design standards – so you can ensure you’re not just on budget, but spending your money wisely as well. We consider your project’s lifecycle and anticipate Planned Capital needs and prioritize them before they occur.

Managing your schedule

We schedule your project around budget needs, so any slowdowns or speedups are planned and efficient, thus minimizing downtime and ensuring that actual project lifespan is equal to the planned project life. We believe in spending adequate time planning and minimal time executing.

Managing project quality

Our well-defined processes ensure consistency and adherence to design standards at all project sites nationwide. Constant supervision, monitoring and evaluation ensure that the prescribed quality, timelines and budget of a project are met. We also utilize punch lists, closeouts and signoff from operations to ensure your project reaches its goals.


After undertaking a comprehensive feasibility study we procure project financing through one of our many financing partners. The study is a detailed project brief that includes financial projections, a market survey, marketing plan, SWOT analysis and more.

Expedient procuring of project funds is one of our key success factors. This is due to our unique approach of packaging projects and having a clear understanding of the financiers’ requirements and conditions.

Risk Mitigation

We work with lenders and investors to analyze risk and review opportunities for new construction, renovations and project workouts. We provide our clients with the confidence that risks have been clearly identified and evaluated prior to a loan or investment commitment.

Our experienced team has the capabilities to evaluate the quality of design and proposed development documents for any construction project.

We monitor the construction progress against draw values to protect clients against over billing. Necessary documentation is gathered and reviewed for accuracy during the entire process.

Project Audits

Our team has extensive experience managing all phases of planning, design and construction. This knowledge sets us apart, offering independent 3rd party audits and project close-out support.

Our in-depth knowledge of the construction process, along with an integral understanding of contracts, schedules, cost accounting and financial tracking, allows us to provide accurate and efficient cost analysis and audits.

Specialists and Procurement

Compartmentalizing projects into smaller working units, Cabinetry/fittings, solar energy systems, waste treatment and other components, so that each is handled independently and expertly.

We source for finishing directly, locally or abroad, ensuring only the best in lighting/fittings, sanitary ware, ironmongery and other ware is used for superb quality at great prices.

Construction Management

We coordinate the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting your requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time within authorized cost and to the required quality standards.

Our team includes licensed and experienced Architects and Engineers in the construction industry with experience in managing complex construction projects involving multiple bid packages.